Film Review :Dead Poets Society

Carpe diem!! “seize the day, make your life extraordinary”. An extremely worthy quote taken from the Dead Poets Society .staring Robin Williams and directed by peter weir , this dramatic film begins with the school children gathering , to meet there new English teacher , John keeting ( robin Williams ) who , upon the first meeting , exclaims that his pupils can refer to him as “O captain , my captain!!” ( the title of Walt Whitman’s poem )

Upon returning to his former school , Mr Keeting is met with a new class , with 7 young lads , who take an interest to his past . the seven boys ,Neil Perry ( Robert Sean Leonard ) Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke) Knox Overstreet (Josh Charles) Charlie Dalton (Gale Hansen ) Richard Cameron (Dylan Kussman) Steven Meeks (Allelon Rugiero) and Gerand Pitts( James Waterston ) uncover the history of “The Dead Poets Society’ and become captivated by the idea they decide to re-create the
Society . this is a moving story , with a teacher who’s views aren’t always shared by his fellow teachers and a boy who’s repressed by his farther and ultimately leads to the taking of his own life .

this film , is certainly a classic , and serves as an excelent movie for intermediate to advanced english students to study and examine , the acting by the young boys is done rather well , capturvating the depression of a repressd son and repressing farther .i recomend this film to anyone who apreciates a good story ,it will entise your taste buds , and grasp your ateniton through out the movie.


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