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Year 10 novel study – Character Descriptions

Jump to Comments For the novel you are reading I would like you to complete 2 – 3 character descriptions. For each character please follow this format.francescaSymbolism of name

  • Francesca is of french orgins , it stands for “freedom” . in this story  , it symbolises her need for self awareneess and struggle for self discovery and self freedom.this is displayd on page “” as she continues to swap hats until the only hat that suits , is her own .


  • She speaks with a sad tongue , she has deep and depresd exspresions . shes speaks formal when deemd necessary .


  • she dress for the occaison , her popularity is reasnably set , although her full description does not go into detail , it is seen that she is a casual dresser , who isnt trying to show anything off


  • Francsca is a character that leads others , she generaly tells “who what and how” , she show a deffensive ness and  a certain strenght   
  • this displays her upbringing and morals , her will for what she believes .she creates a strong minded character  


  • franceseca will speak and fight for what she believes , she displays the qualitys that will lead her in the path her mother once walked . .

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