Character Description:Mia

Year 10 novel study – Character Descriptions

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·        Mia stands for or means “mine” in its origins of Latin. She bears a strong mind and great will power Speech

  • Being a teacher at the university , she uses correct gramma and is very influential with her opinion on others .she is extremely opinionated and will never admit defeat , she seems to show a sense of great self pride and self belief


  • Mia’s descriptions , is not described to the reader in black and white , but through actions does the author deliver an image of a well presented woman (showing the self pride even further) who takes care of how she is dressed , but this however does not maintain , as the depression starts to take hold .


  • Despite all the arguments and disagreements , the bond between Francesca and Mia , cannot be belittled , as is in a mother-‘child’ relationship in reality , which helps to continue on the realistic ness of the novel  


  • Mia cannot be stereotyped as a mother , but as all mothers the instincts are the same as every other mother . Her public life , and her home life (life at home) are different to a degree of reality .

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